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01 September 2011 @ 11:48 pm
I could use some brass knuckles...  


Name/Nickname: Chuck/Charlene

Age: 22

Occupation: Cashier

Likes: Taking solitary walks, reading, drawing, singing loudly, drinking alone, and collecting metal objects.

Dislikes: Smelly people, people who aren't loyal, people who are uptight, blisters, sushi, wet socks, and talking on the phone. Also, when babies start crying and the parents just ignore them. I think that's pretty rude.

Strengths: I like to think I am quite tenacious. I am a quick thinker and quite able to adapt very well to change. I can also handle a large amount of pain without making a noise. I try my best to be supportive and giving unrelenting loyalty to my friends. I am also good at cold reading people when I first meet them.

Weaknesses: I don't make friends easily. My default face looks bitchy so people assume I'm mean. When confronted with an uncomfortable social situation that I can't run from, I shut down emotionally and become pretty cold. I am pretty impulsive and quick tempered. But I get over my anger pretty quickly so people think I'm unhinged. Also, I suck at keeping a straight face, everyone always knows when I'm lying or joking. It sucks.

More In-depth

Introvert or extrovert?: I think an introvert.

Hard Worker or layabout (or somewhere in between)?: In-between, but I would say I am more of a workaholic. It is so satisfying to work until exhaustion and then find something more to do, so then you have to push yourself further. Awww yeahhhhh.

Are you the leader type?: Only if no one else is. And by that, I mean we're staring at each other for 15 minutes and no one is making a move. I don't like leading at all.

Are you adept at raising others' spirits?: Um. No. I wish I could, but I always say the wrong things.

Do you consider yourself popular?: No. No way.

People who first meet you probably think you are: A bitch. I look angry and I'm pretty quiet around new people so everyone thinks I'm a haughty bitch. :<

How do you handle high-pressure situations?: I like to think I handle it well. Just give me a moment to panic and it'll be fine.

Are you self-motivated, or do you rely on the encouragement of others?: Self-motivated but if you give me a thumbs up, I'd be very pleased.

Do you work through unpleasant situations for your own satisfaction, or to prove yourself to others?: My own satisfaction. But if someone doubts my skills, I usually try to do it secretly and then look at their expressions from afar. So tasty.

We Stand Alone Together

Your weekend pass has been revoked. What were you planning on using it for?: A night on the town! Lots of whiskey, beer, singing and the occasional dance. Maybe harass the local cattle. Not that it matters anymore...

You've been dropped into Normandy. You're all alone, it's pitch black, and there are Germans round every corner. How do you react? Who do you encounter on your trek to meet up with the rest of your battalion?: First thing, make some deer noises and hide in a bush. Maybe crawl around, blinking through my own tears, until I stop hearing German and start hearing English, then I'd bust through the bush and miraculously not get shot.

You're caught in heavy fire and you see a buddy take a hit a few feet away from you. Do you go and help him, or immediately dive for cover?: Dive for cover then make a plan to save my buddy. My plans usually look goofy and ridiculous but they work! Sometimes...But if it seems like a serious wound, I'd probably run for my friend and shield him with my scrawny body.

Many of your fellow paratroopers take the opportunity to grab a few souvenirs whilst billeting in towns. What, if anything, do you take and why?: Maybe a couple of guns, some silverware, jewelry. Anything worth anything, I'd grab like it was a shopping spree!

War is over. What are your plans for the future?: Gather up a couple of my closest buddies and travel the world. Forget marriage! Those man-broads can wait! Then maybe solve some mysteries and crimes and get a medal for being amazing before going home.

Please include 1-3 photos of yourself (optional):

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einlangerkriegeinlangerkrieg on September 2nd, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
It sucks, doesn't it? :( Sometimes people assume you're a bitch and automatically treat you harshly.

Ooh, either one would be fantastic! :) I love them both!
mister_monday: Bruce Willis - yippe ki yaymister_monday on October 22nd, 2011 09:46 am (UTC)
Leibgott he's more introverted than Luz and also has the same goofy plan making/humourous vibe and I bet he can look quite angry and threatening if you don't know him but he's a sweetheart really. Also is that a Dexter icon I see?
einlangerkriegeinlangerkrieg on October 25th, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
Yessir, it is! :) Thanks for commenting, I like Liebgott a lot so you've made my day. ;)