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bobstamps's Journal

The Band of Brothers Stamping Community
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We pull upon the risers, we fall upon the grass.

Welcome to Band of Brothers Stamps. A stamping community where you can find out which character from the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers you are most like.

Rules & Information.
We never land upon our feet, we always hit our ass!

♠ We wont tolerate rudeness of any sort. Respect is paramount.
♠ Please vote on at least three other applications before you post yours. If there aren't any open unstamped applications, feel free to go ahead and post your own regardless.
♠ It is encouraged to give a short explanation on why you've decided to vote the way you have when commenting on other people's applications. After all, you get no insight from one word answers. The more information you can give, the better!
♠ Bold your final vote. This way it's easier for us to tally them up at the end. If you're stuck between two different characters, a double vote is allowed.
♠ Make sure to put "I could use some brass knuckles" in the subject line when posting your application, so we know you have read the rules.
♠ Once you have four votes for the same character (this will go up to five once we have more members), you will be stamped by a mod. Feel free to display your stamps wherever you want, but please don't hotlink them.
♠ Remember to stick around for the themes after you've been stamped and, most importantly, have fun!
Highty tighty, Christ almighty! Who the hell are we?

Zim-Zam god damn! We're Airborne Infantry!


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